Gentle Harmony Farm


USDA Certified Organic Medicinal Herbs

All herbs are organically grown from certified organic seed or certified organic transplants then hand harvested and dried.

Some herbs are available fresh, by special request.
Please note that we can only guarantee satisfaction

for fresh herbs that are shipped with special handling
and via FedEx, check price list for details.
Use our contact page to place your order for fresh or dried

herbs by e-mail or phone us at 336 787 3223.

We will confirm your order and shipping date with you

by return e-mail/phone call.

We ship via Priority Mail.

Payment is by check or through PayPal invoice,

let us know which you prefer when you place your order

Currently — January 2018 — on hand are
the following dried herbs:

California Poppy

Echinacea, flower and leaf


Lemon Balm

Oats, Dried in their “milky” stage

Oat Straw

Tulsi Basil


Currently — January 2018 — we have no herbs

available for fresh harvest:

Retail Price List

Red Sage roots

Oats harvested in the
“milky stage”

All dried stem plants are hand

stripped,  hand screened on our rubbing box, and  sifted to remove coarse leaf veins, small stems, and dirt